The True meaning of colour in your space

We all have our own colour preference when it comes to our home but, do we really know the true meaning of colours we paint on our walls? Today, Constantia Fabrics will be discussing what certain colours really mean and, how it can fit accordingly your own personality.

Why colour in your home is important

If there is anything that a space needs, it will be colour. Whether it is neutral, bold, mix and matched, colour brings out the character within the room and tells a story of who the owner of the house is.

How to choose the right patterns for your home

Why have a plain and solid colour throughout your home when you can add a whimsical of patterns to your once dull interiors. Adding patterns to your space creates visual interest and contrast.

Make a statement with texture

The month of June, Constantia Fabrics will be focusing on patterns and textures. Colours and patterns definitely make an impact. Texture may not be as obvious but the impact can be just as dramatic.

The timeless, indigenous designs by Constantia Fabrics

This season it’s all about artisanal inspired handcrafted designs and prints with Constantia Fabrics, who is known for their high quality textiles in the hub of Constantia, Cape Town.

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