Shades of Autumn

The hot days is slowly but surely fading away and we now experiencing the cool, cold weather marveling at the fact that the autumn season is upon us. The autumn season is that one season where we enter the awkward period; where we not quite sure about the weather patterns as it's in the in-between summer and winter weather.

A pinch of candy

For a while, pastels were mainly used in kid's bedrooms but in modern times, this perception has shifted dramatically and has now transformed the interior areas by completely contemporising it with the use of soft pastel colours, bold accents and the odd splash of gold!

The romantic pastels

If anything, pastels is one of those timeless colours you simply can't get rid of. Just when we thought metallics, deep rich blues and monochrome was the new interior colour trend, the romantic shades of pastels emerged again through fashion, fabric and furnishings.

Compliments of the season

With 2016 in full swing and many of us are back behind our desks, we looking forward to enter the 2016 journey with our clients and our potential customers into our world of innovative and creative designs and inspirations.

A burst of style this season

This time of the year, after spending the day at the beach or going out with friends and family to a dainty restaurant, you simple want to come home and relax in style.

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