The summer colours that made a comeback

Every season we see a diverse set of trends which always tend to accommodate everyone’s taste and colour palettes. With prevalent colours coming through this season are blue, yellow, blush, and metallic; colours many of us never dreamed of coming back into trend.

Blue is back

There is no doubt that blue has become the number one colour this season; all showing off their calming effects and, has established itself as the key interior trend.

Summer colours, where have you been?

As we transition from spring to full blown summer season, many might be thinking about changing up their spaces with summer colours and trends. 

Tips to make your home look trendy

Not sure what the word ‘trendy’ is all about? It would be best if you read our previous post regarding what is considered a trendy home. But to do this perfectly and by perfectly, we mean keep up with décor trends is by shopping at least twice a week by keeping up with the latest home trends to update your home.

The uses of Cotton

As the last part of our cotton series comes to an end and you have no idea what we've been discussing over the last month, click here to view what cotton is and here to spot the difference between linen and cotton.

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