The story of Cotton

With a new month brings on a new series. This October, we discussing everything cotton from what it is to its history and uses. But what is the story with cotton and what is cotton exactly?

The benefits of linen and its low thread count

Last week, we spoke about what is linen and where it dates back from and if you haven’t had a chance to read it, we hope you’ll find two minutes in your busy schedule to do so.

The three colour waves we love this season

With spring fever in the air, many of us are exploring the idea of freshening up our homes with vibrant and bold colours and patterns.

What is linen?

We all familiar with the word linen but do we actually know what it is? Linen has been our most popular fabric in-store and from our research, it is the most people search for on our website.

Do prints work for your home?

As a fabric retailer, many of our customers walk through our doors not having a clue what fabric to choose for their room they planning on redecorating and, we had a few queries regarding how to work in prints for any room setting.

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