Colour Series: Draw attention with Red this Autumn


There's no doubt that red is a powerful colour; both in its appearance and meaning. It's a bold colour choice that should be used with careful consideration but it doesn't have to be intimidating. Using red in your home should be a creative experience which makes an impact and will leave a lasting impression.

Painting the walls red can be elegant and sexy. This is a great colour to use for a dining room where you want guests to be comfortable, attentive and ready for a lively conversation but if red walls seems too overwhelming for the space, introduce the colour with fabrics with an upholstered couch, pillows and draperies.

Keep in mind when you’re adding in red, it doesn’t always have to be a bright, bold shade. Muted shades of red work great when you’re adding it to a calming space such as a bedroom or bathroom, while still bringing in a bold touch.

Aside from painting a full wall in a sharp red, it can be daunting to bring in this colour in big doses. So as a great replacement, why not consider hanging a piece of beautiful art? This way you can get the amount of colour you want into your room without having to make a large, permanent change.

Another way to incorporate red is in the furniture. If you’re feeling unsure about red furniture, start small with something like a table or accent chair to see how you feel about the change. However, if your feeling more confident something as large as a red couch can really stand out in a room and be the perfect piece especially when paired with neutrals and natural wood.

How do you feel about decorating with the colour Red? Do you have any red accents in your home? Let us know!

Stay tuned for the next colour series and how to make use of it in your home.

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