Shades of Autumn


The hot days is slowly but surely fading away and we now experiencing the cool, cold weather marveling at the fact that the autumn season is upon us. The autumn season is that one season where we enter the awkward period; where we not quite sure about the weather patterns as it's in the in-between summer and winter weather.

Today we will be sharing some of the colour trends that is associated with autumn 2016:

Shades of grey has made a major comeback with those winter morning palettes in ash and grey pearl shades. This colour is a beautiful substitute for avoiding browns. This hue is great for pairing it with whites and you can introduce colours like yellow and blue into the mixture for that extra pop.

Blues are super opulent and regal for accessories, wall features and accents in furniture pieces. Blue velvets or that rich midnight blue tone gives the room a touch of luxury and comfort but could look musculine and bland. 

Urban sway is all about shades of purple and blues which gives off an elegant urban appeal with traces of warmth and gives it a retro feel. 

Mixed metals is a trend that keeps growing in interior design. These accents such as gleaming and distressed golds, silver and copper bring in a touch of glamour and warmth into the room. Florals are making a huge comeback with that cherry ditsy prints with hydrangeas, roses and tulip which is dominating the seasons must on-trend fabrics.

What are your autumn shades? We would love to hear your thoughts!

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