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Inspired by Mother Nature

Mother Nature is the best decorator when it comes to combining colour, texture and patterns for each season. Like burnt orange, bright reds and yellows for Autumn, geometric patterns for Spring, birds and polka dots for Summer and thick rich velvets in grey, black and purples for winter. 

The summer colours that made a comeback

Every season we see a diverse set of trends which always tend to accommodate everyone’s taste and colour palettes. With prevalent colours coming through this season are blue, yellow, blush, and metallic; colours many of us never dreamed of coming back into trend.

Blue is back

There is no doubt that blue has become the number one colour this season; all showing off their calming effects and, has established itself as the key interior trend.

What is considered a trendy home?

What is considered a trendy home? Is it the design of the home? The furniture? Wait, is it the colour palettes chosen for the season? Maybe it’s the pattern design décor analysts have predicted to be the hottest design of the year? Here are our thoughts on the matter.

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