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Colour Series: Keep it versatile with Navy

You might be living under a rock but Navy is back and owning it big time because rumour has it; it could be the new neutral. It's solid, steadfast and knows how to work in almost every style of decor.

Colour Series: How to Blush your way

This season is here and the colour you should be looking forward to is Blush. From accents as accessories to striking pieces that will completely change the look and feel of your room, here's how you can incorporating this colour.

Colour Series: It's an Aquamarine World

The year 2017 is on the go and ready to embrace what the textile industry is up too. And in saying that, the really big colour to lookout for right now is Aquamarine. We're seeing the colour show up in every area of fashion, ranging from clothing to homeware in various shades, pattern and style.

How to: Plan outdoor seating

More and more people are seeking the outdoor living style whether it be during summer or even colder seasons.

Tips to protect your outdoor furniture and fabric

South Africa has amazing weather. So amazing that it's the perfect weather to relax on the porch and lounge around on your patio furniture. However, the sun can cause serious damage to your outdoor furniture and they need to be protected.

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