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How to: Plan outdoor seating

More and more people are seeking the outdoor living style whether it be during summer or even colder seasons.

Tips to protect your outdoor furniture and fabric

South Africa has amazing weather. So amazing that it's the perfect weather to relax on the porch and lounge around on your patio furniture. However, the sun can cause serious damage to your outdoor furniture and they need to be protected.

Why lining is so vital

At Constantia, we know that there are many types of curtains which are made from an assortment of materials which vary from printed to plain fabrics. That's why, adding lining to your curtains plays an important function when you searching to have your curtains made.

How to get Creative with Texture

Whenever we think of transforming a room, we tend to look at you great furniture and accessories, the right lighting or what colours are suitable. But we seem to forget the next level of designing a space and it's the element of texture. 

Jewel accents is key for Winter

One of the great things about the change in season is seeing what interior designers have in-store this winter, and Constantia Fabrics is about bringing your interiors to life with vibrant jewel colours into rich havens where one can escape, relax and entertain family and friends.

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