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What's hot this Winter

Although interior and design trends are not as fast-paced as fashion, strong annual themes tend to constantly emerge. But with winter on our doorsteps, here are a few hot trends to incorporate in your home.
There's a revival of the distinct style of interiors that was prominent in the 1960s and 1970s. What's in this season can be summed up in two colour palettes: Pink and Green.
Pink and it's accent colour blush have become the biggest palattes worldwide in both fashion and interiors. Every chain storE and fashion purveyor are pushing these two colours that act as a calm sanctuary. It's a timeless and sensual colour that has always been associated with high society and old money which has become mainstream and used in every area of fashion. 
The other huge colour trending right now is green, emerald, hunters green, moss, sage, and almost all accents of greens are a pleasure to use in homes seeing that they bringing the outside in. The coloUr green can be dressed up or dressed down and can be paired with a variety of colours. This colour creates an energetic space when combined with other vibrant hues that creates a sophisticated environment. 
Black happens to still be huge in the interior agenda because of it's dramatic neutral use in any area of the home. It adds a very continental flair; reserved for austerity, luxury, refinement, and elegance. The black hue accentuates contrasts perfectly and can make any style of interior design more refined.
We have to give our appreciation for raw wood seeing that authentic and weathered metalics are coming back as accessories. It's dynamic by nature, and the blend of gold and silver in particular lends not only an intriguing contrast but also a sense of visual dimension and texture. With the right balance of the two, your home can feel both elegant and eclectic. 
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The summer colours that made a comeback

Every season we see a diverse set of trends which always tend to accommodate everyone’s taste and colour palettes. With prevalent colours coming through this season are blue, yellow, blush, and metallic; colours many of us never dreamed of coming back into trend.

Summer colours, where have you been?

As we transition from spring to full blown summer season, many might be thinking about changing up their spaces with summer colours and trends. 

Trendy must-have fabrics

In a previous post, we touched on how trends will come and go and, that's exactly how interior fabrics are every year. Designers have already distinguished what designs and patterns will be futuristic for the year 2016 and, interior lovers will know how hard it is to always keep up.

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