The summer colours that made a comeback


Every season we see a diverse set of trends which always tend to accommodate everyone’s taste and colour palettes. With prevalent colours coming through this season are blue, yellow, blush, and metallic; colours many of us never dreamed of coming back into trend.

Many interior styles lean heavily towards ‘Nature' in the form of bringing the outdoors indoors and getting in touch with nature through our interiors.

Pattern trends include the obligatory geometrics and florals but we are seeing a definite tilt towards painterly, watercolour, blurred florals as well as the traditional ones, softer, more curvy lines on geometrics and an artisan, freestyle, homemade and abstract approach to wall art and accessories to name but a few.


It’s clear from our previous post that blue is here to stay. With its various shades lighter than the opulent navy of last season, blue has now emerged from royal blue and indigo shades that have now seen it appear in headboards, cushions to bed sheets.  


Blush pink will be a particularly popular colour on any interior designer’s palette this season as it offers the versatility of sitting comfortably against other ice-cream tinted pastels providing an opulent and almost masculine combination with slate grey and dark steel colours.


Many have asked if we stock metallic fabrics and unfortunately, we don’t. But it doesn’t mean we don’t acknowledge the trend. Whilst the colour metallic still leans toward the warmer shades of copper and bronze, it’s shifting more towards a mix of metallic tones. Pearlised fabrics mixed beaded finishes create an interesting texture and can also give a metallic look as well as one of pure opulence and sheer luxury.


Yellow is fast establishing itself as ‘the’ colour for interiors this season and particularly for living rooms, but in all rooms in general. This fetching palette looks colourful but has a nice softness. Yellow is known as a happy colour that brings warm summer days to mind.

What other summer colours made a comeback for you? We would love to hear your thoughts!

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