Transition from summer to autumn


Many of us don't have the ability to significantly change our interior decor from summer to autumn. however, this transition doesn't have to cost a lot or require a lot of effort. Today, we discuss some tips on quick and inexpensive ways to make your home warm and elegant.

1. Update bedding and pillows

Try adding a comforter that has those traditional autumn colours and mix it up with pillows which will off that effect that your room had a complete makeover. Make sure to vary colours and textures for a constant, fresh new look. 

2. Decorate in autumn colours

Many people associate shades of yellow, brown and orange as autumn colours but there's actually plenty of colours and patterns that evoke the autumn season. Mix it up with bringing the outside indoors with darker greens and golds to signify change.

3. Bring out the throws

Throw blankets is a great solution for those quick fluctuations in temperature. They also add a splash of fall cover when draped over the arm of your couch or the body of a favourite wing-back chair.

4. Styling your mantel

If you have a fireplace, your mantel is a great place to display items such as candles. Perhaps you have a still life of a bowl of fruit or an outdoor scene that boasts autumn colours elsewhere in the house; move it to the mantel and let it casually rest against the wall.

What are your autumn interior tips? We would love to hear your thoughts!

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